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Our Team

DEREK O'BRIEN: The Baking Academy of Ireland was established by Master Baker Derek O’Brien who was previously Head of the National Bakery School, Dublin Institute of Technology, Kevin Street, Dublin 8. During his time with the DIT he introduced and managed the hugely popular part time Professional Baking courses. He is the team manager of the Irish National Baking Team that has been so successful in European baking competitions. Recently he was appointed by the International Baking Academy in Germany, as Head of the English language Diploma in German Baking programme.

AOIFE O'LEARY: Aoife graduated from the National Bakery School, DIT, Kevin Street, Dublin with an honours in Baking & Pastry Arts. She was a member of the Irish National Baking team and represented Ireland at baking competitions in Europe.

MARY JENSEN: Mary graduated from the National Bakery School, DIT, Kevin Street, Dublin with a degree in Baking Technology and Management. She has considerable teaching experience in the field of baking.

GUNTER FRANZ: Gunter is a German Meisterbäcker with considerable baking experience. He spent many years teaching at the German Bakers Academy in Weinheim and is now involved in product development. Gunter is a visiting lecturer and teaches German bakery products.

ORLAITH MURPHY:  Orlaith graduated from the National Bakery School, DIT, Kevin Street, Dubln with a degree in Baking Technology and Management. She worked for many years as a baker/pastrychef in Australia and has considerable experience in this field.

JIMMY GRIFFIN: Jimmy graduated from the National Bakery School, DIT, Kevin Street, Dublin with a degree in Baking Technology and Management. He owns and manages Griffins bakery in Galway and has had considerable experience in the baking industry internationally. He is a visiting lecture and teaches viennoiserie.

Derek and his team are aware that the consumer is becoming tired and bored with modern bland tasting sliced bread, synthetic flavoured boxed cakes and chocolates and products with “it never stales” shelf life and endless lists of ingredients.

Our philosophy
We know the joy and excitement of creating wonderful sugar craft decorations and chocolates or baking something really enjoyable and sharing it straight from the oven. Our aim is to provide the best educational experience for each and every student. We will demystify the science and technology and inspire you to create something fantastic. We will teach you the craft and skills to do it successfully - every time.

Tutors and visiting lecturers
Our tutors are specialists in the field of baking, confectionery, chocolate and sugar craft. Each has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the art and craft of artisan techniques. They are uniquely experienced and enthusiastic bakers, confectioners and chocolatiers who will guide and inspire both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

The Baking Academy of Ireland is located just off the N4 in Palmerstown Village, Dublin 20, and close to the Liffey Valley shopping centre. The Baking Academy's hands-on workshop is designed with the student in mind. The worktops and benches are stylish and are complemented by appliances supplied by Miele. The bakery is designed for a maximum of 12 students and each student has easy access to all the equipment needed at their own work station. Each student works alone - never in pairs or small groups - to ensure the perfect learning environment.

Frequently Asked Questions
• Are the ingredients supplied?
Yes the Baking Academy of Ireland provide all the ingredients and equipment.

• How many hours is each class?
The Bread and Cake baking classes are usually of 4 hours duration (weekdays) and 6 hours duration (Weekends). The Sugar Craft classe times vary depending on the particular subject matter. We offer single classes - usually 5/6 hours duration and also a series of 3 hour classes spread over a 4 week period and 6 hour classes over a 2 day or week period.

• Are there parking facilities at the academy?
Yes there are ample parking facilities in our courtyard - and parking is free.

• Do I need to bring anything along with me?
We will supply you with an apron. We advise student to wear sensible shoes.
At the end of the class each student will take away, free of charge, everything they bake or decorate, so it is advisable to bring along some large carrier bags (not plastic as this will cause the hot bread / cake to steam up), or folding boxes.

• Do you have any other questions?
Why not telephone: 01-8451214    or e-mail us: bakingacademyireland@gmail.com

What sets us apart?
We do things in our own way at the Baking Academy of Ireland.

Our watchwords are natural and quality. Obviously that means using only the finest ingredients and we never use chemical improving agents, preservatives, crumb softeners, etc, - substances that are frequently used by many commercial baking companies.

There is a major difference between us and cookery schools. We are distinguished by our commitment to baking bread and cakes, chocolates and sugar craft. We are not cooks or chefs – we are bakers, confectioners, pastry and sugar craft specialists. We pride ourselves on our expertise, dedication and creativity in the field of artisan baking craft skill and technology.

Students attending the Baking Academy of Ireland will graduate with the essential knowledge, invaluable hands-on experience and the enthusiasm to become successful artisan bakers.

Within this section

Upcoming Course Dates

Bread Caking Courses
Date: Sunday, 18 Mar 2018  - Fee: €185 >>>>> Super Saver discounted Fee: €140
Baking with Sourdough (1 Day)
Date: Saturday, 14 Apr 2018  - Fee: €185>>>>> Super Saver Fee: €140
Sweet Bread Course
Date: Saturday, 03 Mar 2018  - Fee: €185 Standard Fee. SUPER SAVER fee €140
Pizza & Flatbreads Workshop
Date: Sunday, 04 Mar 2018  - Fee: €185 >>>>> SUPER SAVER Fee €140
Cake Baking Courses
Date: Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018  - Fee: €90 >>>>>> Super Saver discounted Fee: €65
Date: Tuesday, 17 Apr 2018  - Fee: €160 >>>>> Super Saver discounted Fee: €120
DESSERTS (including Delightful Desserts & Chocolate Dessert Courses)
Date: Wednesday, 21 Mar 2018  - Fee: €160. >>>Super Saver Fee: €120
Cupcake Baking - Fun Course (half day)
Date: Tuesday, 06 Mar 2018  - Fee: €90>>>>>>>Discounted Super Saver Fee: €65
Doughnuts (half day)
Date: Thursday, 01 Mar 2018  - Fee: €90>>>>>>>>>>>Super Saver discounted Fee: €65
Meringues+Roulades and MACAROONS
Date: Sunday, 25 Feb 2018  - Fee: €185 >>>>Super Saver Discounted Fee: €140
Pastry Baking Courses
SWEET PASTRY (including (a) Traditional Pastry & (b) Classic Pastry Courses)
Date: Sunday, 11 Mar 2018  - Fee: €185. >>>>Super Saver Fee: €140
Date: Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018  - Fee: €160. Super Saver Fee: €120
Savoury Pies and Pasties
Date: Saturday, 10 Mar 2018  - Fee: €185 >>>>Super Saver Fee €140
Sugar Craft – Cake Decoration Courses
Piping Skills Course (half day)
Date: Saturday, 24 Feb 2018  Fee: €90. Super Saver Fee: €65
Sugar Flowers Course
Date: Saturday, 10 Mar 2018  Fee: €185 >>>>>> Super Saver Fee €140
Sugar Craft - Figure Modeling
Date: Saturday, 03 Mar 2018  Fee: €185>>>>> Super Saver Introductory Fee is only €140
Sugar Craft for Beginners
Date: Saturday, 24 Mar 2018  Fee: €185 >>> SuperSaver Discounted Fee €140
Chocolate Courses
Chocolate Workshop (1 Day)
Date: Saturday, 24 Mar 2018  - Fee: €185. Super Saver Discount Fee: €140
Special Baking Courses
Baketacular - Child & Adult Baking together
Date: Sunday, 25 Mar 2018  - Fee: €80 >>>>>>> Super Saver discounted Fee: €65 for both Adult+Child
School Tours and Transition Year Students
Date:   - Fee: €on application
Cafe Baking
Date: Saturday, 23 Jun 2018  - Fee: €185 ... Super Saver Fee: €140