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 Baking with Sourdough (1 Day)

SOURDOUGH. Our growing taste for sourdough is easy to understand. The factory made bread is rubbish and the standard, fast-tracked sliced pan bread is a travesty of the baker's art. But a crusty loaf, patiently made in the time-honoured way, using a sourdough leaven harnessing the raising power of wild yeasts, is an object of craft and beauty. Thanks to the lactic and acetic acids that ferment the dough and provide its characteristic tang, the flavour of this type of bread is vastly superior. Sourdough is a dough containing a Lactobacillus culture in combination with yeasts. It is one of the principal means of biological leavening in bread baking, the others use cultivated forms of yeast alone.

SOURDOUGH BREAD. This is bread that has been leavened by a sourdough starter or other natural leavens such as the French chef or levain. The term sourdough is a catch all phrase for a number of different, but closely related natural leavens, all of which are used to provide leavening to a fresh mix of dough. Bread made using sourdough or other natural leaven usually has a mild sour taste because of the lactic acid produced in the dough during fermentation.

When you attend one of our sourdough workshops you will learn how to make and bake an interesting and flavoursome range of Artisan Breads. We use domestic ovens just like the type most people have in their kitchen. We do not use a Commercial Bakers/Chefs oven or a Wood Fired Stone Oven (most people do not have access to these at home). Our artisan bread courses are for people who appreciate the traditional skills used in making these delightful and fabulous breads. We appreciate that our students are busy people and may not have a full day to devote to baking a loaf of bread. We will teach you the techniques of bread making that you can reproduce in a reasonable time at home or at work. We will give you a quantity of sourdough starter to take home so that you can make more great bread.  The French baker uses a natural leaven such as Levain or Chef.  During this class you will make a French Baguette, a Fougasse and Brioche. We will give you full details on how to make your own leaven at home and send you away with freshly baked breads and a sample of leaven.

Bakers Do It Better - and you will learn more when you attend one of our courses. The maximum class size is 12 students and students work individually and not in pairs - we believe this provides you with a superior learning environment. Also the fee covers everything, including ingredients, and car parking is free.

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Baking with Sourdough. SUNDAY
Course Dates:
Sun, 24 Sep 2017
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10am to 4pm
€150>>>>> Super Saver Fee: €140
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24 Sep 2017 - Fee: €150>>>>> Super Saver Fee: €140 -

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