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Bread Baking Courses

Do you love the aroma of freshly baked bread, hot and steaming from the oven? Would you like to learn how to make and bake different types of real bread? If the answer too either question is yes - then we have the course for you. We pride ourselves that our courses are rewarding, enjoyable and therapeutic.

Here is a list of our upcoming bread baking courses:

Real Bread for Beginners:   Sunday 7th. April - 3 Module A;  Sunday 12th. May - Module B;

  1. - Introduction to Real Bread Baking
  2. - Rustic Bread - Hands-on Baking
  3. - Baking Blitz - Real Bread Baking Weekend

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Upcoming Course Dates

Bread Baking Courses
Introduction to Real Bread Baking
Date: Tuesday, 09 Dec 2014  - Fee: €125
Rustic Bread - Hands-on Baking
Date: Saturday, 08 Nov 2014  - Fee: €125
Baking Blitz - Real Bread Baking Weekend
Date: Saturday, 01 Nov 2014  - Fee: €250