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Cake Baking Courses

Caking Baking CoursesBefore 1930 the home made cake was more popular than "bought" cake. Home baking began to decline after the war the sale of packaged cakes increased. We will teach you the basics of good quality homemade cake. Our courses are for everyone, including the enthusiastic amateur and the professional baker. Our cake baking courses are rewarding, enjoyable and really great fun.

Here is a list of our upcoming cake baking courses:

  1. - CAKES & BAKES
  2. - DESSERTS (including Delightful Desserts & Chocolate Dessert Courses)
  3. - Doughnuts (half day)
  4. - Meringues+Roulades and MACAROONS

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Upcoming Course Dates

Cake Baking Courses
Date: Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018  - Fee: €160 >>>>> Super Saver discounted Fee: €120
DESSERTS (including Delightful Desserts & Chocolate Dessert Courses)
Date: Sunday, 18 Feb 2018  - Fee: €185. >>>Super Saver Fee: €140
Doughnuts (half day)
Date: Sunday, 28 Jan 2018  - Fee: €90 >>>>>Super Saver discounted fee: €65
Meringues+Roulades and MACAROONS
Date: Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018  - Fee: €80 >>>>SuperSaver discounted fee: €60