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Sugar Craft – Cake Decoration Courses

Cake Decoration CoursesOnce upon a time all special occasion cakes were decorated using Royal Icing. This type of icing tended to set rock hard and made it extremely difficult to cut the cake.Al

l has now changed and sugar paste has become the preferred medium for cake decoration. Sugar craft is a creative art that can be learned and used to decorate cakes for those special occasions.

Here is a list of our upcoming cake decoration courses:

  1. - Piping Skills Course (half day)
  2. - Sugar Flowers Course
  3. - Sugar Craft - Figure Modeling
  4. - Sugar Craft for Beginners

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Upcoming Course Dates

Cake Decoration Courses
Piping Skills Course (half day)
Date: Saturday, 24 Feb 2018  - Fee: €90. Super Saver Fee: €65
Sugar Flowers Course
Date: Saturday, 10 Mar 2018  - Fee: €185 >>>>>> Super Saver Fee €140
Sugar Craft - Figure Modeling
Date: Saturday, 03 Mar 2018  - Fee: €185>>>>> Super Saver Introductory Fee is only €140
Sugar Craft for Beginners
Date: Saturday, 03 Feb 2018  - Fee: €185 >>> SuperSaver Discounted Fee €140