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Pastry Baking Courses

Pastry Baking Courses1Does your pastry always break up when you try to roll it?  Do you find it difficult to make good pastry? Do not despair - we can help you. There are two distinct types of pastry – sweet and savoury. We offer pastry courses covering both types.

Here is a list of our upcoming pastry baking courses:

  1. - Pastry Course - Pies, Tarts
  2. - Biscuits and Cookies
  3. - Savoury Pies and Pasties
  4. - Viennoiserie - French Morning Pastries

To book a course or to request information on a particular course, simply click here. Complete the form and submit - it's that simple.

Upcoming Course Dates

Bread Caking Courses
Pastry Course - Pies, Tarts
Date: Wednesday, 24 Jun 2015  - Fee: €125
Biscuits and Cookies
Date: Thursday, 25 Jun 2015  - Fee: €€125
Savoury Pies and Pasties
Date: Tuesday, 23 Jun 2015  - Fee: €125
Viennoiserie - French Morning Pastries
Date: Friday, 12 Jun 2015  - Fee: €150