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    What flour should I use?

We are often asked about the differences in the types of flour normally available in the shops and which type should be used when baking.

Most shops sell a limited range of flour for baking including Strong Flour; Plain Flour; Self Raising Flour; Wholemeal Flour and occasionally speciality flour, including, Pasta Flour; Rye Flour and Spelt Flour.

STRONG FLOUR: This is sometimes called Bakers Flour and is used when making all types of  yeast bread and certain types of pastry including puff pastry, choux pastry and hot/boiled pastry.

PLAIN FLOUR: Note: not all flour labeled as plain is actually plain - some millers add aerating agents (baking powder). We recomment that our students only use plain flour (without the baking powder) and add their own baking powder. Always check the ingredient panel states wheat or wheat flour only. Plain flour is ideal for use in all types of cake, short pastry, cookies and biscuits.

SELF RAISING FLOUR: This is plain flour with baking powder added (usually 3gr / 100gr. flour). We advise our students to use plain flour and add the baking powder themselves.

WHOLEMEAL: A number of brands are available and this flour is ideal for use in wholemeal (brown) soda bread.

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