Easter Biscuits - Fun With The Kids


Easter Biscuits - Fun With The Kids

Another quick, fun and easy recipe ideal for the kids! I added raisins to my Biscuits but as always you can swap it out for whatever you fancy  If you don’t have easter cookie cutters you can use normal ones or even attempt to mound the shapes by hand (good luck with that haha).

Butter 110g

Sugar 110g

Egg 50g

Plain flour 225g

Mixed spice 2g

Raisins 50g

Milk 45g

Beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

Steam in the eggs in 2-3 additions.

Whisk the flour with the spices and add to above.

Add raisins and form into a dough.

Roll out 1cm thick and cut out using easter cutters.

Bake at 180″C for 8-10mins

© copyright Aoife O' Leary, Baking Academy Ireland, Dublin

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