Sugarcraft Cert Intermediate (4 Days)

Sugarcraft Cert Intermediate (4 Days)

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During this hands-on certificate course the student will learn the basic elements of cake decorating. The course is suitable for the complete beginner and those who wish to improve on their modelling, piping skills, sugar flowers or coating a cake to achieve a professional finish.

During this course you will learn the following:
How to make and apply almond paste to a fruit cake.
How to coat and decorate a chocolate biscuit cake with sugarpaste.
Crimping, embossing and lettering.
About the different types of pastes, for example sugarpaste, Mexican, modelling and flower paste. How they are made and what they can be used for.
How to make novelty figures such as the giraffe, caterpillar, bumble bee, blossom flowers and butterflies.
Modelling including plaques, banners, balls, grass and strips.
Wired and moulded flowers including roses and leaves.
Foliage and the assembling of the floral spray.
Making royal icing and the correct consistency to pipe shells, dots and lines.

Demonstrations will be given the following techniques:
How to make royal icing and almond paste.
How to colour sugarpaste, making modelling, flower paste and a piping bag.
A discussion about cake decorating equipment. 
Making doves for a top ornament.
At the end of the course there will be a question and answer session.

DAY 1:    Almond and ice a fruit cake make rose buds, blossom flowers, bumble bee, banner, and a plaque.   

DAY 2:    Make butterfly, caterpillar, apply first layer of petals to rose buds, begin the giraffe, make rose leaves inscribe cake and banner.

DAY 3:    Finish roses and varnish leaves. Decorating the side of the fruit cake. Prepare roses for floral arrangement and finish giraffe.

DAY 4:    Assemble floral spray; finish decorating the fruit and chocolate biscuit cake. The final day will finish with a question and answer session.

On completion of this 4 day course the student will have the confidence to decorate cakes to a professional finish, make flowers, pipe and use modelling paste. Each student who completes the course will be presented with a Baking Academy of Ireland Certificate and will take their beautiful cakes home.

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